If you need a Google Analytics property set up for you website, order this service.

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  • GA4 property creation
  • Full admin access given
  • Explainer video of your GA4 property
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If you have a website, you should collect your visitor data with a GA4 Google Analytics Property Set Up

No matter if you are a website owner or marketing manager, having sight of website visitor data is invaluable to your business.

** Please read the below in full before ordering **

Search Console data includes:

  • How many visitors came to your website, how many were new or returning
  • What location these visitors came from
  • Which device they used (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • What demographic of visitors are in your online audience (location, gender, age, interests, language)
  • What marketing channel they arrived from (organic social, organic search, paid advertising, direct, referral, organic video, email & more)
  • What marketing channel they converted into a lead or sale from
  • The revenue/lead conversions generated
  • Top performing pages
  • Poor performing pages

In order to add the GA4 tracking code to your website we may require website admin access or can pass this code to you for your web developer to add to your website should you prefer.

We can also connect your GA4 property to your Google Search Console property, if you have one.  If you do not, we also offer this as a set-up service that you can order online.

GA4 provides user insights and measurement

GA4 visitor data gives you a useful insight that can be put into your marketing plans to support area’s that need more support or to further target top performing product or services pages within your business marketing objectives.

It is also good to see how much your website is costing you vs the money it is making for your business and where this is struggling it will highlight the need to consider putting budget into marketing services such as SEO, social media, email marketing or paid advertising to improve these metrics.

Conversion Tracking (optional extra)

Whether your business relies on lead generation or revenue from products or services there is some additional set-up to ensure that goal tracking and revenue tracking data is also available within your GA4 property.

Adding Conversion tracking does require that you have a Google Tag Manager property, we will require access to this in order to set up conversion tracking and we may either need access to your website admin or you may have a website developer who can perform the on-site side of the installation (please check with your web developer first as they may like to set this up for you, if they know how to).  If you do not have a Tag Manager property we offer this as a set-up service too.

This will track user conversion events such as:

  • How many visitors are clicking on your telephone number or email address to get in touch.
  • Forms submitted from website visitors (contact form, enquiry form, newsletter sign-up form & any individual form on your website)
  • Ecommerce tracking – advanced data for revenue generated, products sold, transactions generated, the average order value (AOV) and Ecommerce conversion rate

Access to your GA4 property

We will provide access to you, this will need to be for an email address that is already associated with a Google Account, if you are not taking out any marketing services, you will have full rights to remove us as a user and take full ownership of your property.

If we discover that your website already has a GA4 tracking code in place, we can support you in how to obtain access to this & will refund you based on the set-up you have, once you have gained access.  If this service is deemed not to be needed at all, you will receive a full refund.  Many clients are unaware that a web designer or former marketing agency may have already set this up for you but not granted you with access/ownership access.

If you have taken out any of our SEO services, we will set-up call, email & form tracking as part of your SEO service, ecommerce tracking (if applicable) does cost extra & will need to be ordered here if you have an website shop that accepts online customer orders.

Explainer Video

Once your GA4 property is set up and is collecting data (after the tracking code is installed) we create an explainer video of your GA4 property.  This provides an overview of each section and where to find specific visitor data.  Sent to your email address 2 weeks after set up is completed & the tracking code is live on your website.



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