If you need a Google Search Console property set up for you website, order this service.

  • GSC property creation
  • Full admin access given
  • Submit your sitemap for indexing
  • Link your GSC property to your GA4 property (access dependent)
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If you have a website, you should collect your search data with a GSC Google Search Console Property

As a website owner or marketing manager, a Google Search Console property set up is essential. It gives sight of website search data that is invaluable to your business.

To monitor, maintain and understand or troubleshoot your websites search presence.

Use it to:

  • Measure organic website search traffic, search impressions & clicks
  • View average positions for queries (keywords)
  • Monitor click through rates (CTR)
  • Monitor website performance in search
  • Fix performance & search issues
  • View the highest search traffic queries used to find your website
  • View top & lowest ranking website pages
  • Submit your website’s sitemap for indexing
  • Manage backlinks – see how many pages have backlinks pointing to them & their external link anchor text & external domains that point to your website
  • Disavow suspicious backlinks
  • View pages internal links
  • Monitor mobile site performance & find usability issues
  • Explore Core Web Vitals issues
  • Find isolated pages on your website
  • How many pages Google has indexed, coverage
  • Pages Google has not indexed
  • Review indexation issues
  • Validate Fixes

We will set up your Google Search Console property. And submit your XML sitemap for indexing.

We can also connect your GA4 property to your Google Search Console property, if you have one.  If you do not, we also offer this as a set-up service that you can order online.

GSC provides search insights and measurement

GSC data gives you insights into website performance organically in search and highlights any indexation issues.  Website pages have errors or duplicate content Google may choose to not index them or decide that one of your duplicate pages can be indexed and the other cannot.

Core Web Vitals Conformation (CWV)

Core web vitals is an SEO ranking factor for your website, Google indexes your website pages in the search results lower than competitors who do have CWV conformity.

What is Core Web Vitals:

  • A measurement protocol introduced by Google in 2020 that monitors digital experiences
  • It includes: user-experience, content loading speed, interactivity and visual stability.
  • These are measure in pillars:
    • FID – First input delay
    • LCP – Largest Contentful Paint
    • CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift

Some CWV issues can only be resolved with a new website design or developmental changes to your website’s code and structure.  Without access to this measurement, you would not know the reasoning behind this element to your website struggling to rank well in Google’s search results.

Understanding this data may feel alien to you, however, if you have purchased one of our SEO Services, your SEO Consultant will decipher this data and make recommendations on adjustments in order of importance.

Link Monitoring

External Links

Review the external links that point to your website, useful data for when planning to build backlinks to pages of your website. Top linked to pages or pages with no backlinks to cross-refer against keyword rankings (on external software) or for search queries your website traffic is from. New backlinks can take a while to display in your search console data.

Internal Links

Review how strong or weak the internal linking is between your website pages.  So you or your SEO Consultant can understand pages that need more internal links for a logical user-journey for your visitors.  When a page lacks internal links, visitors drop-off from your website, this can be associated with missed conversion opportunities for your business.

Keeping visitors on a website that is easy to navigate, whilst they gather information and grow trust in order to make that decision to get in touch to enquire or place an order also contributes to improvement in your conversion rates in your GA4 property. And where this data is measures, Google will also use it as one of hundred of ranking factors in their algorithm that decides where your website will be indexed for a particular keyword the visitor used to find your website.

Access to your GSC property

We will provide access to you, this will need to be for an email address that is already associated with a Google Account, if you are not taking out any of our organic SEO services, you will have full rights to remove us as a user and take full ownership of your property.

You can set up your own Google Search Console property for FREE, but if you do not have the time or need assistance, please order this service.  We only charge a minimal fee for our time to support you.



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